The Gutenberg Museum is one of the oldest museums of printing in the world, located opposite the cathedral in the old part of Mainz, Germany. It is named after Johannes Gutenberg, the inventor of printing from movable metal type in Western Europe.

The Landesmuseum Mainz, or Mainz State Museum, is a museum of art and history in Mainz, Germany. In March 2010 it reopened in full after an extensive renovation.

Natural History Museum Mainz Take a journey through the largest natural history museum in Rhineland-Palatinate and discover for yourself some of the unique plants and animals that are millions of years old. Some species are still living today!

The Romano-Germanic Central Museum is an archaeological and historical research institution for pre-history and early history headquartered in Mainz.

The Museum of Ancient Seafaring was installed in Mainz in 1994 in the former central covered market near the South Station, nowadays Mainz Römisches Theater station, as a branch of the Romano-Germanic Central Museum. Image Map